Caspian Global Traders We are serving human being by providing their goods with more affordable price. Our international trading company established in IRAN in 2019. nowadays buying goods from Iran is a very profitable move where the IRI currenccy rate is dropped and made this country a good market to buy goods from. Also because of International sanctions some internationally legal products can be sent to this country. the products we are exporting from Iran are security doors and construction stones. also we are ready to send fruits, dried nuts like Pistacia and also Suffron to all over the world. the only product we are importing Iran is Meat speacially lamb meat. the board of directors of the company are introduced in relatd section. our sister company is Eurasia Trading Ltd which is established in Kazakhstan. Also we are ready to help you for marketing your products in Iran, Kazakhstan and CIS countries. contacting us and negotiaiton is very simple and easy. feel very comfortable to contact us. We are sure that we can have fruitful collaboration together and serve our people.


Dr. Daniel Foroughi

Founder and Chairman

PhD in Civil Engineering, Founder and Chairman of the Board. I consider the purpose of establishing this company to be to deliver affordable goods to the consumer. I am also the founder and CEO of the Apply Global (ApplyGlobal) Immigration Consulting Institute in eight countries, as well as the founder of the Eurasia Business Company in Kazakhstan.


Rahmatollah Hajizad


Experience of several years of cooperation with the organs of the Relief and Welfare Committee in the field of job counseling and sales and marketing Certified: The personality of businessmen Production of digital content with the aim of market development Branding in trade and export Principles of digital marketing ‌ for companies up to Methods of evaluating and supporting knowledge-based companies and ... I am from the Chamber of Commerce of Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Iran